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PAST WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS & AUTOMATION.PAST WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS & AUTOMATION. Or Watch Our System In ActionSign Up For OmniSuiteYOUR BUSINESS ISSUESOmniSuite is a comprehensivemarketing, sales, andautomation softwarethat streamlines yourbusiness operations.With OmniSuite, you cansave 2-5+ hours per dayof work, reduce the needto hire a 6-figure team,and eliminate the needto juggle multiple systemsat the same time. Our all-in-one solutionenables you to effortlesslymake more sales andscale your business.CAN BE A THING OF THE

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See Our Features & PricingABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING 02 www.theomnisuite.comOmniSuite basically replaces every software you aresubscribed to. You now have everything under oneroof, making things easy to implement. We holdyour hand through the entire process.WHAT YOU CAN GET?AN ENTREPRENEUR NEEDSTOWIN IN BUSINESS

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See Our Features & Pricing03 www.theomnisuite.comOMNISUITE CONSOLIDATES ALL OF YOUR LEAD SOURCES & CLIENT CONVERSATIONS IN ONE PLACEWe replace over a dozen dierent pieces of software, so the days of gluing automation together are over. We’ve made switching from your old CRM to OmniSuite simple.There’s no other software that even comes close! Talk to clientsvia Text, Email, Call, Voicemail Drops, Messenger,Instagram Direct Messages and Google My Business Chat!

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Does this sound like you? Every business owner, consultant and entrepreneur goes through the same thing... You start out super motivated with big plans to launch your awesome product or service to be a successful business owner. You "invest" and sign up for a dozen pieces of software, logins here and logins there and then BLAM! It happens again... You realize that you have to master every piece of software and set things up YOURSELF to even have a chance at success... 04

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05 www.theomnisuite.comWHAT DOES OMNISUITE REPLACE?Surveys

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06 www.theomnisuite.comFEATURES & PRICINGBRONZEStarterFEATURES INCLUDES:$297 Set-Up Fee$97/Month or $970/Year2 Months Free & No Set-Up Fee with Annual PlanUnlimited FunnelsUnlimited Websites & HostingUnlimited Landing PagesUnlimited ContactsUnlimited UsersSmart CRMCalendar Booking & EventsMemberships/Course Creation & CommunityAliate Management System & Aliate PortalCustom Forms & SurveysE-SignatureSocial Media Post/PlannerMedia & Document StorageCustom Invoicing & Text-2-PayAuto Missed Call Text BackBloggingReview/Reputation ManagementConversations InboxAutomation WorkflowsBirthday RemindersEmail Marketing & BuilderSMS Marketing & BuilderSMS & Email TemplatesSchedule Email & SMS messages & BlogsContinue on next page to see more bronze features

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BRONZEStarterDedicated Email Sending DomainZoom IntegrationWordpress Website Integration & HostingFacebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business IntegrationShopify IntegrationClio IntegrationQuickbooks IntegrationPayment Integrations Include: Stripe, Paypal,, NMI, Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Arm, Klarna, ACH Direct Debit, Bank Redirect and more!Create Coupons & Set TaxMobile AppLive WebChatApple Business ChatPower Dialer, Outbound & Inbound Calling, Dedicated Business Phone Number & Forward CallsRingless VoicemailTrack All Calls, Leads & RecordingsVideo, Image & Document HostingA/B Testing Website & EmailsAD & Business Data ReportingTrack Pipeline & AnalyticsIn-Depth Onboarding AssistanceQuick Support Ticket & Video TrainingALWAYS UPDATING AND ADDING NEWER FEATURES!Start NowComplimentary Credit of $10/Month toward Email and Text.That’s about 133 texts or 117 mins in calls or 1481 emails07

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08 www.theomnisuite.comSILVERIntermediateFEATURES INCLUDES:$797 Set-Up Fee$497/Month or $4970/Year2 Months Free & No Set-Up Fee with Annual PlanEverything in Bronze+Brand Recognition & Awareness Feature: OmniSuite will list your Complimentary Credit of $50/Month toward Email and Text. That’s about 667 texts or 588 mins in calls or 7407 emailsOmniSuite Ads: We Will Create FB Ads "THAT WORK" for your Industry. All business inside your OmniSuite Back Oce. Close new clients without Niche Discounts Membership: Receive access to discounts & rewards within a network of over 700,000 merchant in-store locations oering discounts of 10-50% o on Food, Entertainment, Shopping and Travel.OmniSuite BackOce Business Market Place: We market your business that you oer, utilize and pay for your services and or products.Start Nowbusiness on 60+ of the World's Top business directories. You will be listedon maps, apps and search engines. Boosting your SEO Tremendously!you have to do is click a few boxes and BOOM! Leads galore for yourtrying to find them on your own. We bring them to you!to other users within the software. Other OmniSuite users will be able to see all

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09 www.theomnisuite.comGOLDAdvancedFEATURES INCLUDES:$2997 Set-Up Fee$997/Month or $9970/Year2 Months Free & No Set-Up Fee with Annual PlanEverything in Bronze & Silver+Live Client Nurturing & Inbound Calls: OmniSuite Sta will respond on your behalf to every lead/prospect/client and take Inbound Calls + Chats for your business. We will also respond to leads, prospects or My Business) and Instagram DM's with the goal of getting them scheduled for an appointment via phone, virtual or in-person. Its like having your own sta/call center.Complimentary Credit of $100/Month toward Email and Text. That’s about 1333 texts or 1176 mins in calls or 14814 emailsDone For You Full Automations and Website: your business. Say goodbye to trying to figure it out on your own.Omni Business ConsultStart Nowclients that engage with your Facebook page, website, GMB (GoogleWe create & customize all of yourwebsites, automations, triggers, forms, funnels, workflows forYou will have your very own Online businessconsultant. Simply schedule appointments & we help you step by stepto solve your business issues.

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10 www.theomnisuite.comBECOME AN OMNISUITE AFFILIATEEarn commissions and residuals eortlessly by sharing our service with others. With our comprehensive features, we help clients save time, energy, and money. OmniSuite presents a no-brainer opportunity, and if you're already subscribed, you can earn enough referrals to cover your own subscription fee.See FAQ below for more detailsBecome an Aliate

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11 www.theomnisuite.comBRING OUR OMNISUITE FEATURES ON THE GO WITH OUR LEADCONNECTOR MOBILE APPReceive all of your inbound calls with our iOS & Playstore Mobile App. Assign specific phone numbers to sta members and track calls. Text on the go to all your lead inquiries. The time-saving opportunities are endless.Email, Video SMS, Calls, etcDrop Ringless VoicemailsTrack All Leads & CallsDedicated Business NumberOMNISUITE

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12 www.theomnisuite.comFAQYes, we do. You will receive 30% of the SetUp and Monthly Fee's. See the break down of the various plans: To Become an Aliate CLICK HERE$239 One-Time Commission$149 Monthly Residual$1491 Yearly Residual (If annual plan is chosen)Silver Level Compensation:Does OmniSuite have an Aliate Program?$89 One-Time Commission$29 Monthly Residual$291 Yearly Residual (If annual plan is chosen)$899 One-Time Commission$299 Monthly Residual$2991 Yearly Residual (If annual plan is chosen)Gold Level Compensation:Bronze Level Compensation:"With great opportunity comes great cash flow"

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Yes, we are OSHA & HIPAA Compliant.Client information security and safety is vital when it comes to businesses and websites that fall under the medical industry. If you are or working with medical companies or the medical/dental industries, we can ensure that your website and any forms and information given by patients is HIPAA compliant. Our service creates security and gives you, your clients and their patients peace of mind that their medical and personal information is protected.For more Information about our EMR Software go here: the OmniSuite OSHA & HIPAA COMPLIANT?Yes, you get 1 on 1 training and onboarding to get you started. We will also train your sta, VA or fellow partners if you are a subscribed to the silver or gold planDo I get training and onboarding support on the software?We oer our live chat from 8 AM CST – 8 PM CST Monday – Saturday. You can also use our online help resources, and a library of how-to videos and support ticket. In addition we have a private community that oers tips and tricks.What type of support & help can I expect?Unlimited! That's right, you can have as many contacts as you want (you aren't billed based on contacts in your system). You can have unlimited users, domains, unlimited funnels and create unlimited courses/products and you aren't charged a penny more!How many users, contacts, funnels or courses can I have?No worries, there are no long-term commitments or complicated contracts. If you decide that OmniSuite isn't right for you, you can easily cancel your account from your dashboard at any time.Can I cancel at any time?Can I change my plan?13 www.theomnisuite.comYes, you can upgrade and downgrade your account.

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No. OmniSuite handles that for you. We give you secure and unlimited hosting for your websites, funnels, and blogs. We use the best servers and networks to ensure our site is reliable and fast. Just connect your domain and we take care Do I need a web hosting?Other charges you may have are the texts, emails & calls, which are billed directly through Twilio & Mailgun. A Complimentary Credit is Awarded per Pricing Plan package.DEDICATED BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER(S)- Pricing Varies on Location & TypeWhat other fees can I expect?14 www.theomnisuite.comMAKING CALLS - $ 0.13 /minRECEIVING CALLS - $ 0.085 /minTEXT MESSAGES - $ 0.075 /segmentSENDING EMAILS - $0.00675/ emailof the rest. Also, we have WordPress Hosting.

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Book-a-DemoOmniSuite is a comprehensive marketing, sales, and automation software that streamlines your business operations. With OmniSuite, you can save 2-5+ hours per day of work, reduce the need to hire a multiple systems. Our all-in-one solution enables you to eortlessly make more sales and scale your 747-3066Contact6-figure team, and save yourself energy by eliminating the need to juggle© Copyright 2024. OmniSuite. All rights reserved.